Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October is Youth Month

St. George Houston Teen SOYO has nominated and elected their 2010-2011 Officers:

President:  Danielle S.                                 
Vice President:  Vanessa H.
Secretary:  Salaam S.
Treasurer:  Sliman S.
Historian:  Ibrahim Z.

Congratulations to our new SOYO Officers;
we look forward to putting your talents to good use this upcoming year!

We also want to offer a big THANK YOU to our out-going 2009-2010 SOYO Officers:

President:  Nicola S.
Vice President:  Issa Z.
Secretary:  Vanessa H.
Treasurer:  Salaam S.
Historian:  Ronnie S.

Thanks for your hard work and effort; we look forward to your continued participation in Teen SOYO, as well as those now in college, your presence and involvement with OCF of Greater Houston.

Please enjoy this video for Teen SOYO on occasion of its 40th Anniversary (2009).

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