Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blog Re-activated...Prepare for the Funny

This blog was used a few times by my predecessor, the former Youth Director at St. George, now Dn. Michael Sakran, soon to be Fr. Michael Sakran (ordination scheduled for Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at St. George in Houston - Axios!) to document Teen SOYO activities.

I have never blogged before, so please offer only constructive criticism, as my fragile ego might easily allow me to give up this endeavor. I decided to attempt this blog because people know me to be a bit of a talker with tons of stories. Never more true than working day in and day out in a Church setting. I don't mean to ridicule people, but some of the things you hear are too good to pass up; and I thought sharing might lighten the day for some. Hope you enjoy!

I shall start slowly and share a quote from today:

"Father, I know I need to schedule a baptism for my daughter, but the Godparents my daughter has chosen are Jewish."

-A Day in the Life of the Youth Director


Andrew said...

Good luck! Looking forward to seeing some posts!

Anonymous said...

you're hilarious!