Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fuller Twins Birthday (May 2)

As kids are concerned, you couldn't find a cuter pair than the "Fuller twins" (I'm not biased - if ya don't believe me, just ask our Mama)! In honor of my sister, Adriane's birthday (mine too!), here are some photos of us during the years!

Country Western Night at the Antiochian Village (2000)
AV Staff Siblings Photo (2003)
Fuller kiddos (Aaron, Adriane, & Paul)
Godparents at the Baptism of Alexander Schardein
It's just how we get down - Adriane, Paul, & James Salman
Helping me move into my apartment in Houston, TX (July 2008)

Adriane & Paul - Twins!

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I have a very distinct memory from my childhood, and luckily its an experience of my youth while in Church. In line during the Dismissal, we kept seeing and hearing a dialogue between each person with our parish priest - the same dialogue. We turned to ask our mom what they were saying. She expained that the priest was saying, "Christ is Risen" and we should respond back with, "Truly, He is Risen."

Obviously, as children we didn't know what those sayings meant, but everyone was doing it. What kids wants to be left out of all the fun? It was our turn in line, and much to our delight, he was handing out a gift to everyone in line - a red egg!

He handed us each an egg, as he proclaimed, "Christ is Risen!" And our reply, apparently not what everyone else was saying (Truly, He is Risen!), but something much more to our liking as a kids. My sister and I loudly exclaimed: "Truly, He eats raisins!"

Everyone had a nice laugh. My sister and I continued to say to one another and others:
"Christ eats raisins!" "Truly, He eats raisins!"

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Cute kids, right??

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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