Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Lenten Season: Take the Quiz

Our Great Lenten journey ends this weekend and we begin to commemorate our Lord's final days in Jerusalem, our Holy Week.

Below is a quiz on the Lenten Season, the season of preparation of our body and soul to participate in the Resurrection of our Lord, God, and Savior Jesus Christ. Try to take this brief quiz "honestly" and hopefully regardless of your personal results, we can all come to the same conclusion: We can all learn more about our Faith and how this knowledge should affect our lives!

1. What is the 1st Sunday of Great Lent called?

a. Adoration of the Holy Cross  
b. Triumph of Orthodoxy
c. Meatfare Sunday                  
d. St Gregory Palamas

2. Who is the author of this Lenten prayer?

O Lord and Master of my life!
Take from me the spirit of sloth,
faint-heartedness, lust of power, and idle talk.
But give rather the spirit of chastity,
humility, patience, and love to Thy servant.
Yea, Lord and King! Grant me to see my own errors and not to judge my brother, for Thou art blessed unto ages of ages. Amen.

a. St John of Damascus           b. St John Climacus
c. St Basil the Great               d. St Ephraim the Syrian

3. Who is the author of the Liturgy of Pre-Sanctified Gifts?

a. St John Chrysostom       b. St Basil the Great
c. St Gregory Dialogist       d. St James, brother of our Lord

4. Throughout the Lenten hymns of the Church, who is referred to as the "Lover of mankind?"

a. John the Baptist      b. Jesus Christ
c. The Theotokos        d. The Holy Unmercenary Healers

5. On Friday evenings (Antiochian & Greek traditions), which service is celebrated?

a. Akathist               b. Great Vespers
c. Divine Liturgy       d. Paraklesis

6. During which Lenten service, do we hear the following hymn? "O Lord of Hosts, be with us for we have none other help in times of sorrow but Thee, O Lord of Hosts have mercy upon us."

a. Orthros (Matins)  b. Great Compline
c. Akathist              d. Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts

7. How many Gospel lessons are read during the Passion Service on Holy Thursday evening?

a. One              c. Three
c. Seven           d. Twelve

8. Who is the friend of Christ that was raised from the dead on the Saturday preceding Palm Sunday?

a. Peter                      b. Lazarus
c. John the Baptist      d. Simon of Cyrene

9. What is the Lenten color of the Church? Examples: the color of the clergy vestments, the altar cloth, and candle holders.

a. Green      b. White
c. Purple      d. Red

10. On what days during Lent does the Church allow for Fish, Wine, and Oil?

a. Feast of the Annunciation & Palm Sunday 
b. Every Sunday
c. Lazarus Saturday & Feast of the Holy Forty Martyrs of Sebaste      
d. Every Friday

11. Which prophet is commonly ascribed as the author of the Book of Psalms from the Old Testament?

a. David        b. Solomon
c. Moses       d. Abraham

12. How many days are included in Great Lent?

a. 7 days           b. 21 days
c. 40 days          d. 50 days

13. During Great Lent, we are called to fast and increase our ______ & ______.

a. entertainment & luxury
b. pride & greed
c. bad habits & bad thoughts
d. prayer & charity

14. What is Communion (Holy Eucharist)?

a. Bread & Wine
b. Body & Blood of Christ
c. Symbolic of the Body & Blood of Christ
d. Any meal shared together with family

15. Which Liturgy is used on Sundays during Great Lent?

a. St Basil the Great           b. St John Chrysostom
c. St Gregory Dialogist        d. St James, the brother of our Lord

The Answer Key is below, please highlight to view:

Answer Key:
1. B   6. B    11. A
2. D   7. D    12. C
3. C   8. B    13. D
4. B   9. C    14. B
5. A  10. A   15. A

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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