Thursday, November 10, 2011

St George Food Pantry Drive

At St George Houston, did you know:

There is a Food Pantry?
Where the Food Pantry is located?
Who the Food Pantry helps out?

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Right now, we have a competition going on with our Church School program to assist with participating in the ministry of stocking the St George Food Pantry!

Each class is asked to collect items for the Parish Food Pantry; there's a competition for the next few weeks between the classes. It is a wonderful and simple ministry that our parish community offers to those in need. Please look through the following list and bring items to participant this Sunday and the next few Sundays:

Breakfast Items        Lunch/Dinner Items 
Cereal                      Peanut Butter
Granola Bars             Jelly
Instant Oatmeal         Crackers (cheese, peanut butter) 
Pop Tarts                  Saltine Crackers
Shelf-Stable Milk        Macaroni & Cheese (pre-made)
Juice                        Can Vegetables
                                Can Chunky Soups
General Items           Can Meat/Tuna
Bottled Water            Can Meals 
Hand Sanitizer           Instant Rice
Paper Towels             Instant Potatoes
Kleenex                     Pasta
Toothpaste                Spaghetti Sauce
Toothbrushes             Can Fruit
Deodorant                 Can/Jar Gravy

Join us in participating in this worthy ministry!

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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