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Are You Smarter Than an Orthodox 5th Grader?

In September of 2010, the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life published their U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey. This 15 question quiz spaned all sorts of religious beliefs for Americans. After taking the quiz myself HERE, I got to thinking about certain facts about Orthodox Christianity that some may not know, and others take for granted. 

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This is a basic quiz that I presented twice to the teens of St George Houston.  I won't divulge the results of any individual teen, but let's just say there was great variety in the number of correct answers, and more telling, of which questions most teens failed to find the correct answer.

Try to take this brief quiz "honestly" and hopefully regardless of your personal results, we can all come to the same conclusion:  We can all learn more about our Faith and how this knowledge should affect our lives!

1. Who is the 1st Christian martyr?

a. Peter                    b. Stephen
c. David                    d. Mary Magdalene

2. When did Christianity become legal in the Roman Empire?

a. 33 AD                    b. 70 AD
c. 313 AD                  d. 1054 AD

3. Who is the first follower of Christ to see him risen from the dead?

a. John the Beloved Disciple       b. Apostle Paul
c. Mary Magdalene                     d. Mary, His Mother

4. Who is referred to as the “new Adam” in some Liturgical texts within the Orthodox Church?

a. John the Baptist                            b. Jesus Christ
c. Emperor Constantine the Great      d. Prophet Moses

5. What is an icon?

a. an image depicting a holy person or holy event
b. picture of a famous person
c. a warrior or fighter
d. written text from a Holy Father of the Church

6. In reference to Mary, what does “Theotokos” mean?

a. God-bearer                   b. Giver of Jesus
c. Righteous woman          d. Mother of Humanity

7. Who is the first called of the 12 Apostles of Christ?

a. Peter                         c. Matthew
c. Andrew                      d. Judas

8. What was Peter’s occupation before becoming a “follower of Christ?”

a. tent-maker                b. carpenter
c. farmer                      d. fisherman

9. Why do Orthodox Christians gather on Sundays to worship during Liturgy and celebrate the Eucharist OR what do we commemorate every Sunday throughout the year?

a. the Creation of the World
b. the Escape of the Israelites of out Egypt
c. the Resurrection of Christ
d. the Passion and Crucifixion of Christ

10. As Orthodox Christians, we say “God is the Trinity: three ________, one God.”

a. Spirits                  b. Persons
c. Gods                    d. Angels

11. Which prophet is commonly ascribed as the author of the Book of Psalms from the Old Testament?

a. David                     b. Solomon
c. Moses                     d. Abraham

12. Which city is NOT considered to be one of the first five patriarchates (important centers) of Christianity?

a. Rome                     b. Bethlehem
c. Jerusalem               d. Alexandria

13. What Great Feast in the Life of the Church is celebrated on November 21st (New Calendar)?

a. Transfiguration of our Lord             
b. Entrance of our Lord into the Temple
c. Nativity of the Holy Theotokos       
d. Entrance of the Holy Theotokos into the Temple

14. What is Communion (Holy Eucharist)?

a. Bread & Wine                                                  
b. Body & Blood of Christ
c. Symbolic of the Body & Blood of Christ    
d. Any meal shared together with family

15. What does “Liturgy” mean?

a. work of the people           b. gathering together
c. worshipping God               d. listening to God

The Answer Key is below, please highlight to view:

Answer Key:
1. B       6. A      11. A
2. C       7. C      12. B
3. C       8. D      13. D
4. B       9. C      14. B
5. A      10. B     15. A

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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