Saturday, July 26, 2008

Is It Sinful to...?

More SOYO questions!!!

1.) Is it sinful to roll your eyes at someone?

2.) Is saying food doesn't taste good sinful?

Mom, this food is yucky!!!

Excellent questions!

1.) Instead of asking if it is sinful to roll your eyes at someone, ask yourself, "What is sinful about rolling my eyes?"

Sure, everyone does it from time to time. It's usually a reaction to someone saying something stupid....and we all know people who say stupid things (including ourselves.) So, my answer would be, if you're among friends, and just joking around, there's nothing wrong with it.

However, if you're rolling your eyes out of disrespect to a parent, teacher, priest, youth director, or other people who are working to help you out, it is sinful, since you are not honoring the people that God placed in your life to help you grow.

2.) What about saying food tastes bad? You know, my mom is a great cook. She cooks a lot of traditional Arabic food like grape leaves, kefta, mlouchia, hummus, zatar, etc... But every now and then, she'll make something new that comes out pretty poorly. Now, I could come out and say that the food stinks, but what would come of it, other than hurting my mom's feelings?

Same with my lovely wife. Being a new wife, she's just learning how to cook. She's awesome at making desserts, so I have no complaints there. But sometimes, when cooking a main course, she'll burn it or make it too salty. Knowing it would only hurt her feelings to say that it's gross, I eat it anyway.

Instead of saying that the food is nasty, you can say something like, "Mom, thanks for taking the time to make this dish for me. Next time you make it, can you maybe add a little less salt?"

Or better yet, don't say anything at all. It isn't sinful not to like a certain type of food (for example, I can't stand raw onions,) but it is wrong to say so and hurt the cook's feelings, especially if theyr'e someone you love.

Hope this answers your questions.

Tommorow we tackle the question: What is the difference between Catholics & Christians?

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