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Theophany (Baptism of our Lord) Quiz

Blessed Great Feast of Theophany (Baptism of our Lord)
- January 6

Please enjoy this fun quiz related to this Great Feast in the Life of the Church and feel free to share among your family and friends!

1. Which Gospel does not record the Baptism of our Lord, Jesus Christ?

A. Matthew        B. Mark
C. Luke              D. John

2. Which animal symbolizes the "Descent of the Holy Spirit" during the Baptism of Jesus?

A. Eagle          B. Dove
C. Hawk          D. Turkey

3. In what river was Jesus baptized?

A. Jordan      B. Nile
C. Tigris        D. Lakhish

4. Fill in the blank: According to the Gospel narratives of the Baptism of Jesus, a voice is heard from heaven saying, "This is My beloved Son, in Whom I am well ____."

A. Loved              B. Pleased
C. Concerned       D. Desired

5. What does "Theophany" mean?

A. God becoming man         B. Descent of the Holy Spirit
C. Baptism                          D. Appearance/Manifestation of God

6. If Theophany is celebrated on a Sunday, which Liturgy is called to be served?

A. Liturgy of Basil the Great                              B. Liturgy of John Chrysostom
C. Liturgy of James the Brother of our Lord      D. Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified Gifts

7. What is blessed by the clergy in the weeks following the Great Feast of Theophany?

A. Cars            B. Grapes
C. Homes         D. Flesh-meats and cheeses

8. Who baptized Jesus in the river?

A. Joseph           B. John
C. Joachim         D. Zachariah

9. The person who performed the baptism, how is he related to Jesus?

A. Cousin               B. Brother
C. Grandfather       D. Uncle

10. How old was Jesus when He was baptized?

A. 2         B. 12
C. 18       D. 30

11. What is blessed/sanctified during the celebration of the Baptism of Jesus?

A. Water          B. Candles
C. Crosses        D. Palms

12. Following the Baptism of Jesus, how many days does He spend in the wilderness?

A. 3        B. 9
C. 20      D. 40

13. Whose feastday called the "Synaxis of ____" is celebrated on January 7th, the day after the Great Feast of Theophany?

A. Prophet David           B. Joseph the Betrothed
C. John the Baptist        D. Virgin Mary

14. The Gospel of Matthew describes Jesus being ministered to following His baptism while in the wilderness, stating: "____ came and ministered to Him" (4:11). Who ministers to Jesus?

A. Holy Spirit         B. Angels
C. Disciples            D. Satan

15. What is another common descriptive term/title used for the person who baptized Jesus?

A. Betrothed           B. Disciple
C. Forerunner         D. Wonder-worker

The Answer Key is below, please highlight to view:

1. D   6. A    11. A
2. B   7. C    12. D
3. A   8. B    13. C
4. B   9. A    14. B
5. D  10. D   15. C

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