Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We provide the candy; getting them to bed is your deal...

A wonderful alternative to Halloween is a Christian gathering for children at your local Orthodox Church, such as the one hosted at St. George Antiochian Orthodox Church in Houston, TX every year on the day society celebrates Halloween. We call it an "All Saints Party" as we strongly encourage the children to dress up as Orthodox Saints instead of ghosts and goblins. Although, super heroes and other such costumes are welcomed.
Our event even made the local newspaper, the Houston Chronicle, back in 2010; please read that article here.
The children participate in numerous activities, such as Orthodox Trivia "Wheel of Fortune," Face Painting, St Paul's Journey (cake walk), St Peter's Fisher-of-Men Pond, Scarecrow Hat Toss, and Jonah and the Whale (bean bag toss).

Don't worry, plenty of candy is provided as we only get to enjoy their sugar-high for a few hours before we send them home with their parents and let them worry about getting them to sleep HEHE!

Although some parents still struggle with this concept of an alternative event to regular Halloween trick-or-treating and parties, as they ask why have the All Saints Party on Halloween; not happy about having to choose between the two. It's important to realize the reason for this Church activity; it offers families Christian fellowship and fun, allowing their children to play "dress up" and still get their treats. It's also a great opportunity for teens and young adults to participate and offer their ministry by helping with games, serving food, and most importantly, just by their mere presence.

Enjoy some pics for previous All Saints Party:

The Ref & Batman

I'm Ron Burgundy? (2011)

Costume Contest 2010

Cookie decorating activity...an obvious big hit with the kids

The Blues Brothers

Working together running the cookie decorating booth
Orthodox Trivia "Wheel of Fortune" w/ Referee Paul Fuller
Even Mary Magalene graced us with her presence
Disco lives on...
Hanging out near Noah's Ark activity
A wonderful variety of unique costumes
St. George the Trophy-bearer

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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