Monday, January 9, 2012

The Tim Tebow Effect

As a Steelers fan, this post sure aint easy to write. Denver just beat Pittsburgh and knocked them out of the playoffs, ending their season. But alas, the show must go on:

It's TEBOW time, if you ask football players, coaches, analysts, and of course fans. But if you ask Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Denver Broncos, it's BRONCO time - alluding to a team effort on the field that has led to a winning way these past weeks that Tim Tebow was named the starting quarterback in the NFL.

His name, his play on the field, his determination to win, and his God are all the talk now on the public scene. Commentators and analysts continue to discuss and discuss this recent phenomenon. There are those that are simply loving the fact that Tim Tebow is winning and of course there are those hating it, not simply because they aren't Denver Broncos fans, but because of all the "God talk" that is accompanying his recent success on the field.

Everyone has their own opinions on the subject. Many are baffled about the play on the field and the final outcome - he plays horrible for 3 quarters, but when its crunch time in the 4th, he finds a way to put a W on the scoreboard.

Some claim divine inspiration, others a winning mentality, and some just can't find words to express the "miraculous" (for lack of a better word). Like any public figure, when it comes to his or her personal beliefs, there is a great deal of scrutiny. He's a faithful Christian; giving thanks to God on and off the field. But instead of embracing his outlook on life, many simply aren't comfortable with someone openly giving credit where credit is due - God!

I recently read this one article (one of many being written about Tim Tebow), and one quote in particular really hit home with me. You can read the whole article HERE. The quote is as follows: "Tebow is proof that God goes comfortably into whatever arena of your life you wish to take Him."

While most don't need Tim Tebow as proof to know this fact already, it was a great reminder to me personally. This is how we are called to be Christians! Not to force Christ upon anyone, but to treat everyone as Christ. Don't shy away from your Faith; truly make it your own! Allow room for God in your life.

As Orthodox Christians, we are called to "give glory to God for all things." Our skills, abilities, talents, life, and breath are all gifts given to us from God, and we should not shy away from using them and giving thanks to the One Who gave them to us.

Do I think God has blessed Tim Tebow? Actually, yes! But not just Tim Tebow, He has blessed all of His creation. It's just our responsibility to realize these gifts and give glory to God for them. Would I say God has blessed him if he were losing games? Actually, yes! Tim Tebow may win or lose, but he's still blessed because he remembers to give thanks and glory to God for his talents. But if he were losing, I doubt so many people would be discussing him.

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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