Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Agia Sophia Cafe & Bookstore: Harrisburg, PA

Just had to share this; its such an amazing concept!

May our Lord bless and make fruitful this unique witness to Orthodoxy!

Agia Sophia Cafe & Bookstore

I must give credit to Rev Fr Stephen Vernak (family friend), pastor of Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church (OCA) in Harrisburg, PA, as well as the dedicated clergy and laymen of the Orthodox Christian Charities of Greater Harrisburg (OCCGH).

Visit HERE for their website to learn more about their mission, progress, and awesome atmosphere!

The Blessing of this new establishment was held recently (7/31/11), presided over by His Grace, Bishop TIKHON (OCA - Diocese of Eastern PA); news on the event and awesome pictures and videos of the ceremony can be found HERE.

The following are some of my favorites:

- A Day in the Life of the Non-Coffee Drinker

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