Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vehicle of Choice, a Fiery Chariot?

This was the chosen mode of transportation for the Holy Prophet Elijah (Elias), as he was taken up into the heavens. In commemoration of this great Old Testamental prophet, on his feastday (July 20th) in the Life of the Church, Orthodox Christians receive a special blessing of their own modes of transportations - vehicles, bicycles, airplanes, boats, etc.

Prophet Elijah taken to Heaven in a Fiery Chariot
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Prophet Elijah
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The Life of the Holy Prophet Elijah can be found HERE. He preached the "good news" of One True God among his people, the Israelites, who had fallen away from their Covenant with God and began to worship pagan idols. The life of the holy Prophet Elijah is recorded in the Old Testament books (3 Kings; 4 Kings; Sirach/Ecclesiastes 48:1-15; 1 Maccabees 2:58). At the time of the Transfiguration, the Prophet Elijah conversed with the Savior upon Mount Tabor (Mt. 17:3; Mark 9:4; Luke. 9:30).

As a side note, enjoy this article with photos about a Russian Orthodox priest blessing the crew and spacecraft (Russian Soyuz TMA-17) HERE.

Enjoy some pictures of parish gatherings for the Orthodox blessing of transportation on the feastday of St Elijah:

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May Christ our True God, who didst will to travel into Egypt as a new-born babe, through the intercessions of the holy and glorious Prophet Elijah, bless our vehicles and other modes of transportation and travel with us, all the days of our lives!

- A Day in the Life of the Youth Director

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